Efficiency classes

The energy efficiency rating is a rating scale for the European energy label. Its aim is to promote the sale of highly energy-efficient electrical appliances in the EU.

By specifying the energy efficiency rating on different packages you can see how high is the electricity or energy consumption of the article.

Among different classes are distinguished:

Classes A and B are considering very energy efficient lamps and include the following:

  • LED
  • Energy saving light bulbs
  • fluorescent lamps

The class C is also classified as energy-saving but starting from September 2016 it is no longer on the market.

  • Eco-halogen lamps

The Class D belongs to the class with an average to high energy consumption.

  • Conventional halogen lamps

The classes E, F and G have a very high energy consumption, F and G are already prohibited

  • normal light bulbs
  • small bulbs
  • special light bulbs

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